So… yeah.

Its been an eternity since I updated this ole blog here.  Can you believe the infamous chupacabra post still fetches me over 100 hits on some days??  I’m proud of that!  People don’t seem to stick around much, other than to read about the goat sucker, but its something.  🙂

Life in the Martinez household is the same.  Girls are both in school now.  Olivia is in all day pre-k and Isabel is in kindergarten.  Isabel is (of course!) my goody-two-shoes and Olivia is little Miss Rezongona.  I got a note home today about her talking back to the teachers.  Come on, Olivia!!  Give me a break, child.  I thought back talk came a little later in life?

Jose is good.  Working his butt off, like most Mexicans.  😉  His family has changed some.  One brother left back for Mexico.  Another one (cough Rigo cough) is in jail.  Me and the suegra have hit some rough patches, but our relationship still trucks along at that barely tolerable level it has been at for years.

My BFF got married.  I’m a stay at home mom.  Hmmm…

More to come later.  Peace.


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Olivia (who turned 3 in June!) is officially a potty pooper now!  She is pretty good about peeing on the potty, but has NEVER pooped on the potty.  She would said she was afraid it was going to hurt.  She would rather poop in a diaper.  She didn’t want to be a big girl.  So on and so forth!

Well, she has pooped on the potty TWICE now!!!!!!!!!!  YIPPEE!!!  This is one of the most exciting things EVER!

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Movies, the Baile, and other randomness…

My girls are just getting to the age where they will sit through an entire feature legnth film at the movie theater.  Isabel has been at this stage for a good two years now.  Olivia still struggles a bit (towards the end she starts whining about the potty and when will it be over etc. etc.), but its close enough for me.  Friday night, I took them to the cheap-o theater to watch Wall-E.  Oh my God, I fell in LOVE with that movie.  Olivia was not too impressed (and I didn’t figure she would be, after reading a few reviews), but Isabel enjoyed it very much.  

LoL, I was also very impressed in the difference in the theater we went to Friday night (in a “good” part of town) compared to the theater in South Omaha.  I will definately be paying the extra $.50 to go to the nicer theater!  Nice, highback seats with the arm rests that go up and down!  You get to put your own butter on the popcorn (Mmm… buttery goodness!!)!  Nice booster seats.  All this for $2 a ticket!!  Fan-freaking-tastic!!!  We will fo-sho be returning!  🙂

Saturday night was the Sonora Dinamita dance!!  OH MY LORD I HAD A FREAKIN’ BLAST!!!

Here’s some pics that I took with my cell phone…

I felt so sexy all night long!!  LoL, I love it when we straighten my hair!! 

I wasn’t planning on drinking (Honestly!!) but that didn’t work out too well.  I got pretty tipsy!!  The good thing is, I only paid for one drink all night, and that was for my comadre!!  😉  There were quite a few guys I knew (and some that I had just met) that were buying my drinks.  At seven dollars a pop I was very gracious!  My bank account thanks these men.  My suegra even ended up going, and I was a little apprehensive at first, but once she got a few Coronas in her, she was as much fun as anyone else we were hanging out with.

Not much longer now until I move in with my mom.  I’m getting really excited.  LoL.  I know that sounds lame, but I love being around my mom and dad.  The girls are going to love it.  My mom will hopefully love the extra help!  I know she wouldn’t be keen on accepting “rent” money, so I offered to pay the cable bill and I plan on giving her $50 or so when she goes and gets groceries on Fridays, and then midweek I’ll make a stop and pick up any thing we might need. 

Wish us luck!  LoL!  I HATE MOVING!!! 


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Do you, or do you not, know that the bird is the word?

The new Family Guy episode (that you can watch on Hulu) is seriously one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a LONG time!  

Not too much new…  We just got home from the movies.  Me and Diana took the girls to the cheap-o theater to watch Wall-E.  As I expected, Olivia got a little bored with the movie, but it was really good.  Me, Diana, and Isabel all enjoyed it!  

It was my first time in forever going to the cheapie theater on the good side of town.  Usually we just go to the one in South Omaha…  I was very impressed and think I would rather pay the extra $.50 and go to the nice theater!  🙂  It had the fancy schmancy seats that are really tall and can rock and have the arm rests that go up and down…  

Oh!  And, you get to put your own BUTTER on the popcorn!  Mmmm… I can get it as nice and buttery as my heart desires!  🙂

Totally worth the additional $.50…

I don’t have much else to update on.  Tomorrow I think I’m going to the Sonora Dinamita dance with my compadres.  I’m very excited.  I haven’t been dancing in about a month!!  😉  

Bye!  Hope everyone is good!

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Movin’ on out…

It takes a lot to get me to cry…  and yet here I am, sitting here bawling my eyes out.  

The management at the apartment complex where I live did a housekeeping inspection two weeks ago, and I failed.  Crayon on the walls, dirty carpet, blah blah blah.  So, the past two weeks me and Karina have been cleaning our asses off.  I rented a carpet cleaner last Saturday and we spent ALL DAY on the carpets.  This week was spent scrubbing EVERY INCH OF CRAYON off of the walls.  I dusted.  I mopped.  I scoured.  This morning, this apartment sparkling clean.  Not a dirty dish in the sink or so much as a sock out of place.

And, of course you’ve probably guessed by now.  I failed.  

What the FUCK?!  The letter says they seen an improvement but it was not good enough.

They can kiss my fucking ass.  I called my Mom bawling.  We decided that I will pay this months rent but come November 1st, me and the girls will be moving in with her.  She has two empty bedrooms and a big finished basement.  We’ll fit… 


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I’ll get right on paying that…


I just got “served” papers for a lawsuit against Jose.  For a car accident in August 2007.  For $30,000!!!


I’m just like, “Huh…??”  I want questions answered.  Where is a police report?  Why wasn’t this handled by our insurance company?  What vehicle of ours did this involve?  And, actually, the day they say this happened Jose was working in Arkansas.  

Jose is going to have a heart attack when I tell him…  He needs to get ahold of the court house and find out WTF is happening.  A few weeks ago I got papers from the Nebraska child support offices.  They want him to pay $70,000 in child support!  He called and they apologized and said it must have been sent to the wrong Jose Martinez.

Now I’m wondering if maybe someone “stole” the SSN he used to work under…?  Or something… 

I know that accident was NOT US.  


*** Update… ***

I called the lawyer.  He had the wrong Jose Martinez.

Thanks, buddy…

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La di da…

I’ve watched the entire series “Arrested Developement” and now I’m more than half-way through “Friday Night Lights”…  Hulu is a great source of entertainment for those of us without cable!

Told ‘ya I was addicted.  I made another trip to Once Upon a Child today.  I took Karina with me this time.  She was in awe.  I didn’t have much $$$ to spend but I got Olivia a super cute pair of shoes for $3.50 and another pair of Gymboree size 6 plus jeans for Izzy.  It’s getting colder and colder here and I’m starting to panic.  LoL, I need to get them more sweaters, socks, pants, etc!  

Nothing much new to report on…  


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