So… yeah.

October 19, 2009 at 9:44 pm Leave a comment

Its been an eternity since I updated this ole blog here.  Can you believe the infamous chupacabra post still fetches me over 100 hits on some days??  I’m proud of that!  People don’t seem to stick around much, other than to read about the goat sucker, but its something.  🙂

Life in the Martinez household is the same.  Girls are both in school now.  Olivia is in all day pre-k and Isabel is in kindergarten.  Isabel is (of course!) my goody-two-shoes and Olivia is little Miss Rezongona.  I got a note home today about her talking back to the teachers.  Come on, Olivia!!  Give me a break, child.  I thought back talk came a little later in life?

Jose is good.  Working his butt off, like most Mexicans.  😉  His family has changed some.  One brother left back for Mexico.  Another one (cough Rigo cough) is in jail.  Me and the suegra have hit some rough patches, but our relationship still trucks along at that barely tolerable level it has been at for years.

My BFF got married.  I’m a stay at home mom.  Hmmm…

More to come later.  Peace.

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Poop! Carlos? Ruby? :)

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