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My girls are just getting to the age where they will sit through an entire feature legnth film at the movie theater.  Isabel has been at this stage for a good two years now.  Olivia still struggles a bit (towards the end she starts whining about the potty and when will it be over etc. etc.), but its close enough for me.  Friday night, I took them to the cheap-o theater to watch Wall-E.  Oh my God, I fell in LOVE with that movie.  Olivia was not too impressed (and I didn’t figure she would be, after reading a few reviews), but Isabel enjoyed it very much.  

LoL, I was also very impressed in the difference in the theater we went to Friday night (in a “good” part of town) compared to the theater in South Omaha.  I will definately be paying the extra $.50 to go to the nicer theater!  Nice, highback seats with the arm rests that go up and down!  You get to put your own butter on the popcorn (Mmm… buttery goodness!!)!  Nice booster seats.  All this for $2 a ticket!!  Fan-freaking-tastic!!!  We will fo-sho be returning!  🙂

Saturday night was the Sonora Dinamita dance!!  OH MY LORD I HAD A FREAKIN’ BLAST!!!

Here’s some pics that I took with my cell phone…

I felt so sexy all night long!!  LoL, I love it when we straighten my hair!! 

I wasn’t planning on drinking (Honestly!!) but that didn’t work out too well.  I got pretty tipsy!!  The good thing is, I only paid for one drink all night, and that was for my comadre!!  😉  There were quite a few guys I knew (and some that I had just met) that were buying my drinks.  At seven dollars a pop I was very gracious!  My bank account thanks these men.  My suegra even ended up going, and I was a little apprehensive at first, but once she got a few Coronas in her, she was as much fun as anyone else we were hanging out with.

Not much longer now until I move in with my mom.  I’m getting really excited.  LoL.  I know that sounds lame, but I love being around my mom and dad.  The girls are going to love it.  My mom will hopefully love the extra help!  I know she wouldn’t be keen on accepting “rent” money, so I offered to pay the cable bill and I plan on giving her $50 or so when she goes and gets groceries on Fridays, and then midweek I’ll make a stop and pick up any thing we might need. 

Wish us luck!  LoL!  I HATE MOVING!!! 


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