Do you, or do you not, know that the bird is the word?

October 10, 2008 at 10:37 pm Leave a comment

The new Family Guy episode (that you can watch on Hulu) is seriously one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a LONG time!  

Not too much new…  We just got home from the movies.  Me and Diana took the girls to the cheap-o theater to watch Wall-E.  As I expected, Olivia got a little bored with the movie, but it was really good.  Me, Diana, and Isabel all enjoyed it!  

It was my first time in forever going to the cheapie theater on the good side of town.  Usually we just go to the one in South Omaha…  I was very impressed and think I would rather pay the extra $.50 and go to the nice theater!  🙂  It had the fancy schmancy seats that are really tall and can rock and have the arm rests that go up and down…  

Oh!  And, you get to put your own BUTTER on the popcorn!  Mmmm… I can get it as nice and buttery as my heart desires!  🙂

Totally worth the additional $.50…

I don’t have much else to update on.  Tomorrow I think I’m going to the Sonora Dinamita dance with my compadres.  I’m very excited.  I haven’t been dancing in about a month!!  😉  

Bye!  Hope everyone is good!


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