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August 11, 2008 at 11:48 am 8 comments

I am not writing this entry to try to make Jose look stupid.  Stupidity is not his problem, lack of a formal education is.  When it comes to common sense, he could run laps around my book smarts.  🙂  I think these little “beliefs” of his are cute and worth mentioning.

*Once, he decided he was going to be the first astronaut to reach the sun.  I told him that was in no way even close to being possible.  It was way too far and he would be burnt to a crisp long before arriving.  Besides, I explained, the sun is just a big ball of burning gasses.  He then accused me of reading too much science fiction and of not having enough faith in him. 

*I was looking up stuff on Google Earth last night.  When you start, you’re looking at a globe.  He glanced at the computer and scoffs, “What is that?!  Why do they have the world all round and stuff?”  He totally thought I was teasing him when I told him the world is, in fact, ROUND! 

*He thinks tad poles swim up your butt and lay eggs in your stomach.  He won’t swim in lakes or rivers because of that fear.  Once, there was a baby catfish in the sand and Jose about had a heart attack thinking it was the biggest damned tadpole he had ever seen!!

*He went bald because he thinks too much.  Uh-huh.  Suuure.  He probably went bald from worrying about all those tadpoles!

*His belly button possesses the ability to breathe oxygen for him.  He thinks he can close his mouth and cover his nose and he’d still live because the air seeping in through his belly button.

LoL, okay… I have more but I have to stop now.  This is making him look really dumb!!  🙂  I’m sure you guys have some to share, though!!!

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It’s hot… Chupacabra…

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  • 1. Megan  |  August 11, 2008 at 2:19 pm

    OMG! PLEASE share more, send ’em to my email if you’d like to!

    I’d never make fun, but these sound SO cute lol! How funny! (in a non-making-fun-of-kind-of-way!

    The ONLY one I have so far is that Cele had NO idea what a potato peeler was and when I took it out and started peeling potatoes, well he was literally in SHOCK and started asking me all these questions….price of it, where to buy one, how does it peel, etc. etc.

    I adore these Mexican guys lol! 😀

  • 2. Ojos Verdes  |  August 11, 2008 at 9:28 pm

    Those are FUNNY- muy cómico. I think you are right, however about some of it having to do with a lack of formal education like you said….

  • 3. lizzi33  |  August 12, 2008 at 1:18 pm

    Megs – Once I think of some more, I’ll make another entry. 🙂 I had tons of them ready to share yesterday, but have since forgotten them!

    Ojos – 🙂 We’re working on getting him his GED – maybe that will cease any concern the guy might have with tadpoles! 🙂

  • 4. ~Jenn;0)  |  August 12, 2008 at 4:01 pm


    Hector believes that if a baby doesn’t wear a hat of some type at all times, thIer head will be flat (winter, summer…150 freakin degrees out.. doesn’t matter…they MUST wear a hat!!!)

    He believes in Mermaids, Chupacabras (which I just commented on in your newest post!) and “El Chongo”..not a monkey but somethin like a boogie man!

    He thinks dogs only understand English!!!

    Girls should NOT ride a bike….I let my daughter ride one anyway!;)

    I screwed up tellin him that my Dad used to tell us that if you unscrew your belly button all your body parts will fall off, and now he thinks there might actually be some truth in it, and will not let me show him that it’s not at all true!

    He believes EVERYTHING he sees on T.V. you know all the “Paid Programs” with before and after pics, he thinks that because their on T.V. they HAVE to be real…even though my sis is a photo editor, and can do all kinds of amazing things with photo shop (I’m waitin for her to give me an over night sexy body!) and he has seen LOTS of her work!

    There are lots of little things that he thinks are true that drive me insane, but are the same things I would probably miss about him if I didn’t have him!


  • 5. lizzi33  |  August 12, 2008 at 4:05 pm

    LOL! Jenn – Jose thinks that babies are perpetually cold. Seriously, it can be freakin’ 110 degrees and if the baby is crying it has to be cold!!

    I forgot that Jose VERY MUCH believes in witches. He says he’s seen a couple. Hmmm…

    He also belives in everything on TV, too!!! He is more gullible than a 5 year old.

  • 6. lizzi33  |  August 12, 2008 at 4:06 pm

    Oh, yeah. My suegra believes if you cut a babies hair before they are a year old they will go blind.

    And if you’re little girl doesn’t have much hair to shave her head and she’ll grow plenty. LoL!

  • 7. ~Jenn;0)  |  August 12, 2008 at 7:28 pm

    Just about every Mexican I’ve ever talked to about a little girls hair growing after shavin it…believes it to be true! I would never have attempted it, Anthony did chop a big chunk of Lilli’s hair when she was almost 2 though and she had to have it all cut off, and it did grow back pretty quick…but who knows!! Hector believes in witches too…hmmm…kinda makes ya wonder about the whole callin us “Brujas” doesn’t it?! 😛


    P.S. My friend just told me the other day that her Mexican thinks if you go to bed with your hair wet you will wake up with blisters all over your mouth! That was a new one to me! 🙂

  • 8. lizzi33  |  August 13, 2008 at 10:41 am

    Jose thinks cold sores are caused by stepping on cold floors barefeet, sleeping with wet hair, bathing with cold water, and stepping on hot floors barefeet.


    LoL, the amount of people that believe in these things makes you wonder. You know what I mean?? Anyone from where Jose’s from believes in brujas and ghosts. Jose’s Mom has some of the scariest stories I’ve ever heard that she SWEARS are true! LoL, that just gave me and idea for another entry. 🙂


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