Mexican Food

August 6, 2008 at 9:59 am 13 comments

My suegra is quite proud of my Mexican-ness.  I’ve heard her bragging about all different Mexican foods I eat or how well I speak Spanish, how well I can dance Mexican Music or even how well I can hechar un grito Mexicano.

She’s taught me quite well the simple theory – Try it.  You might like it.

Before she came from Mexico, I would eat arroz and huevos con chorizo.  That was as Mexican as it got.  She soon got tired of making rice with every single meal, and started urging me to at least TRY something else. 

I thought this over, as she handed me a plate with costillas con chile verde and a homemade tortilla.  Cautiously, I sniffed the plate.  I didn’t smell anything too offensive, so I closed my eyes and took a small bite.

I lived.

I actually even kind of liked it.

I used to be such a picky eater, and now there are only a few things I won’t eat.  I won’t even try menudo.  Don’t care too much for sea food.  Nopales are okay if they’re cooked with eggs, otherwise no thanks.  Tacos de tripas (Jose’s favorite – while we were in Mexico he ate tacos every evening for a week straight!) are another thing I’ll pass on.  Lengua is pretty good.  Kind of chewy, and I can’t really get over the whole “there’s more tongue in my mouth then just my own” thing, but I would eat it before I starved.  🙂

Jose used to tease me, saying how in the world was i going to survive in Mexico.  I would tell him I planned on taking a cooler full of hot dogs with me!!  🙂 

When I was down there, though, I can’t think of a single time when someone offered me something I didn’t try. 

Once, at Jose’s cousin Eusebio’s house, they gave me a plate of enchiladas.  Holy Jesus, I’m telling you these things were so damned spicy that I thought for sure steam was erupting out of my ears like on cartoons!!  I had an earache all afternoon from the spiciness!!  But they were so good I just couldn’t stop eating!

Another time we went to La Chona, Jalisco and Jose’s brother Sipriano stopped at a little lonchera that was selling mariscos.  I did pass on the shrimp cocktail, but enjoyed some saltines and a Coke. 


The moral of my story is:  Mis gueras – if you’re new to the exciting world of Mexican Cuisine, at least give the food a try.  I promise you’ll live to tell about it!  I’ve never eaten anything that tasted so bad I wanted to vomit. 



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It feels like me. Thursday!!

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  • 1. Jenn;0)  |  August 6, 2008 at 10:40 am

    I used to be a really picky eater too…HATED anything spicy at all, even pepperoni!! NOW…ha…I LOVE spicy food! I have tried menudo, but I don’t like it, because of the tripe…YUCK! Hector loves it though, so we always have it!

    While I was in Mexico, his family was in shock over me! Apparently there had been 2 of his cousins whose gringa chicks had gone….one would not even attempt to speak Spanish, but they thought she was nice enough otherwise…I don’t speak Spanish great, but I DO try my hardest, and was at least able to have a conversation down there most of the time! They were just happy that I had enough respect to try!

    The other white girl, they thought was a total bitch! His Tia Juana (I love her name! LoL!) was telling me that this girl brought all kinds of canned goods with her, and ate those the entire time she was there!!! WTF!!! So she was really happy that I was willing to at least TRY EVERYTHING that she cooked….that woman can cook, let me tell ya….I must have eaten at least 5 meals a day when we were at her house!!! YUM! Her enchiladas were my favorite of all, I ate probably 6-7 of those before I just couldn’t take another bite!


  • 2. lizzi33  |  August 6, 2008 at 11:13 am

    LMAO about the canned goods!!

    I don’t know what I was picturing before I went to Mexico, but I was very impressed with everything the Soriana (kinda like Wal-Mart sold). Even if I wouldn’t have touched a crumb of Mexican food, I wouldn’t have starved. The Soriana sold EVERYTHING from shaved turkey breast to twinkies. 🙂

    Enchiladas are my favorite. EVER. Yummy!

    I was the first white girl to venture down to Jose’s rancho. 🙂 My Dad had been down there before me, though, and he wouldn’t eat much of anything, so I’m sure they thought I was going to be the same way!

  • 3. ~Jenn;0)  |  August 6, 2008 at 5:31 pm

    Especially with you being a woman…women are usually much more picky about things like that then men are! 😉

    Barbacoa is by far my favorite!!! Now if Lisa ever buys that damn cow, we’ll be good! LOL! I have seriously got to find a cheaper way of makin the stuff! I WANT some so BAD! His Aunt did tell me how she makes her enchiladas so I can have those anytime!;)

    They didn’t have stores like that in Palmillas! They even had to ground up beef themeselves for something they wanted to make for the Quinceañera! Closest I got to making anything American was bacon, eggs and toast…his step-mom looked at me like I was nuts for making it like that…but her kids LOVED it! Next time I am going to make meatloaf (I’ll have to get the ground beef like they did….oh well) cause mí suegro wants his wife to try it…he LOVES the stuff!


  • 4. Lisa  |  August 6, 2008 at 11:18 pm

    I think Jenn just wants me to ship her a cow … she don’t know that I wont let her eat it by herself 🙂

    Well, when I went to Mexico the 1st time my suegra was really nervous because she didn’t know what I would eat or not. My 1st trip to Mexico happened because, as many know, my middle son was abducted by his father and it took me four years to get through all the red tape to find him. My suegra had a two week notice that I was coming and I think the woman nearly lost her mind stressing over the food situation.

    Supposedly a neighbor’s son had a gringa wife who visited once and this gringa was so picky … they had to drive her to town to use the bathroom! It’s said she nearly starved the whole week that she was there.

    The whole town was impressed with me because I visited with half of ’em and ate things that to this day, well, I still don’t know what it was. Whatever it was-it was good.

    I don’t think I’d wanna live over there because I’m just too independent but I could stay for awhile 🙂


    P.S. I’m still a gringa though! LOL

  • 5. Ojos Verdes  |  August 7, 2008 at 9:04 am

    Of course we are all gringas en la realidad pero “Mexicanas” del Corazón. I am a NOT a picky eater-at all (sometimes I wish I were pickier and did not love it all so much-lol). I will try anything, but not too sure about menudo y lengua. I really enjoyed the POZOLE when I was in Mexico y me encanta la comida PICANTE. Many times when I am at a Mexican place, I will order mi comida PICANTE. It takes several attempts to get them to REALLY serve it to me picante- like they do for each other- but I can take it with mi estómago del acero 🙂 And it ALL tastes better with a cold TECATE, NEGRO MODELO, SOL O CORONA, no???? lol.

  • 6. lizzi33  |  August 7, 2008 at 9:16 am

    LoL – Lisa, they had to drive my Dad to town to use the bathroom!!! He wasn’t digging the whole curtain instead of a door that they have rigged up in Jose’s house.

    During our first trip to Mexico (we went once for a short 18 hour stay – we were driving his brother home to see his sick daughter) we went to visit Jose’s aunt Nicolasa. It was early evening, and they offered us pan dulce and coffee. I don’t know what the deal was but the pan was so freakin’ good I ate 3 PIECES! These things are huge!!! LOL, when we went back to visit the second time as soon as I walked in the door she sent someone to buy pan! LMAO! =)

    Ojos – my suegra makes a pretty tasty pozole, but while in Mexico I tried a green pozole made with chicken (suegra does pork). OMG, it was the best!!! I sooo wanted some more but they ran out! LoL – you go girl for liking the spicy stuff!! I’m trying to get used to it… 🙂

  • 7. ~Jenn;0)  |  August 7, 2008 at 10:41 pm

    Oh believe me…If I ever get to make the Barbacoa…you are ALL invited!!! Not quite sure how we’d arrange that with everyone in a different state…but we’ll figure that one out later!:) LOL!

    I didn’t like the curtain idea on the bathroom…but I used em still!! My daughter would NOT for her life use the out houses, thankfully my Suegro had a “normal” bathroom so she used it!

    Is it everywhere in Mexico that they don’t normally use toilet seats when there IS a toilet…or is it just in Tamaulipas? I know all of my friends Hispanic husbands are from the same place, Aguas Calientes, and they say that they are just like our bathrooms, except you have to pay to use the public ones…you have to pay in Tamaulipas too! But what’s up with the toilet seats? I’m takin my own next time I go…don’t see much point in payin to use a bathroom that doesn’t have one and you gotta provide your own TP for! But hey that’s just me I guess!;)


  • 8. Lisa  |  August 8, 2008 at 3:23 am

    Alright, I don’t think I would dig the whole cutain bathroom thing either … especially if I was planning on being in there for awhile ya know? The tiolet seat is another story. My suegra didn’t have a tiolet seat in her bathroom either but they went and got one for me. I wasn’t complaining but I asked the Mexican over the phone why they didn’t have one and he told ’em. That was embarassing.

    We had to pay to piss everywhere we went but there were toilet seats and toilet paper; the bathrooms were clean too.

    And the pan OMG! I think that’s why I put on some weight over there because my suegra had the stuff delivered every morning and it’s nothing like the stuff we have here in the states that tastes so commercially produced LoL

    As far as comida picante goes – if you sweat and your nose runs, that’s come good eatin! I have no idea what pozole is I don’t think. Maybe I ate it and didn’t know what it was?

    The Mexican says I can beat him when it comes to spicy food because he can’t handle it. Maybe I am a Mexicana at heart LoL.


    Jenn’s gonna pre-package BBQ like them nutrisystem meals for us, I just know it 🙂

  • 9. ~Jenn;0)  |  August 8, 2008 at 8:49 am

    LMAO…about the Mexican “tellin on ya!!!” The bathrooms were really clean…but they told us before we went in…or had a sign letting you know that you need your own TP! The toilet seat thing was EVERYWHERE even his Aunts house (she did have hot water though so I know where I’ll be takin my showers this December while we’re there!!)

    I like the HOT stuff, but even as much as I can handle…Hector can outdo me every time! In the beginning I couldn’t even eat regular hot sauce without losin my breath…he had way too much fun with that, so I forced myself to get used to it, and now I love it!

    The pan…I don’t know what this one is exactly…but it was the only one I ever liked…it looks like a regular piece of cake, and OMG it’s soooooo good! Speakin of cake…tres leche cake…anyone know how to make it? Hectors Bday is on the 18th and it’s the BIG one…30…if ya know how PLEASE let me know…I don’t have the Suegra to ask…she doesn’t have a phone in Mexico and we only get to talk to her like once a year while we are here in the states!

    Lisa~If I ever get around to makin those “Comidas Mexicana por las Gringitas” (I don’t care if I spelled or said that right I’m just tryin to be goofy here K?(: ) I am now going to have to let you in on part of the profits!;)


  • 10. lizzi33  |  August 8, 2008 at 9:21 am

    Lisa – Pozole is a spicy kind of broth with hominy in it. It can either be green broth or red broth. They top it (at least in Jalisco 🙂 ) with raddishes, cabbage, and cilantro. It is eaten with tostadas. Does it sound familiar yet? 😀

    Jenn – the toilet at “home” had no toilet seat. And to “flush” it, we would have to take a bucket full of water and swoosh it in the bowl. The bathrooms in the city were not very nice – tiny little stalls where my knees would bang up against the doors and 2 pesos to get in and another 2 for two little squares of cheap toilet paper. I started carrying around my own in my purse! The KFC had a VERY nice bathroom, though!!

    When we went to the Feria, the bathrooms were out of order but they were still charging and people were still using them! The lines were a billion people long and there was about six inches of standing water (??) on the ground. Ewwww….!

    Both of you 🙂 : Jose can out do me hands down on the spicy stuff. Him and his brothers like to slice up habaneros and onions and eat the stuff on tostados. PHEW!! That is some HOT stuff!!

    Mmmm… my mouth is watering remembering the pan!! Sipriano would drive me downtown every evening to go to the panaderia. Yum!

    I wish I knew how to make Tres Leches cake (I hate it, but Jose and his family love it) but I don’t. Sorry Jenn!

  • 11. ~Jenn;0)  |  August 8, 2008 at 10:14 am

    What are ya sorry for…I don’t know how to either…or I wouldn’t ask!;) Thanks anyway! YUM…I agree with Jose and his family!

    We had to do the same thing n his dads bathroom…take water out of the big barrel outside, and pour it REALLY fast into the toilet bowl! As for the standing water in the bathrooms…I think I would have found a tree or a car door to hide behind instead! ICK!

    I’ve never heard of pozole either…it doesn’t sound like anything I would like too much anyway…don’t like cabbage, and I think cilantro tastes like a dirty dish rag, luckily Hector doesn’t like it anymore than I do!:)


  • 12. lizzi33  |  August 8, 2008 at 10:22 am

    I eat the pozole plain – just the caldo, meat, and hominy on a tostada. 🙂 It’s pretty tasty, but doesn’t keep you full very long!!

    Jose doesn’t like cilantro very much either! I was mistaken about the pozole. They use dried oregano. 🙂 Last night my suegra made birria and his brothers were just piling on the cilantro. Ewwww… I hate the way it smells and tastes!

  • 13. ~Jenn;0)  |  August 8, 2008 at 12:27 pm

    I like Birria, they have that a lot in Aguas Calientes from what I hear! My friends hadn’t ever heard of Barbacoa, and thought for a long time I was talkin about birria! Not quite the sama thing, but also not that much different either, as long as you can handle eating other types of animals most Americans I know won’t touch!;)

    I might actually like it then, if it doesn’t have cilantro, once cilantro is put into something…you can’t get rid of that taste!



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