Some more info. on Caylee Anthony…

July 29, 2008 at 8:34 am Leave a comment

There haven’t been many updates to the case of missing Caylee Anthony.  I’ve been searching through news sites and reading blogs regarding this all weekend, though, and a few things kind of stuck with me.

At one blog I was reading, there was some interesting conversation going on in the comments.  I don’t think there is much truth to it, though.  Everyone seemed to share the theory that Casey had forgotten little Caylee in the car during a shopping trip, Caylee died of heat stroke, and Casey got spooked.  She confessed to her mom what she had done, and they decided to cover up the whole thing together.

This quote from the conversation between Casey and her mother that was captured while they were on hold with 911 makes you wonder if there might be a little truth behind that theory…

“During one exchange, Cindy Anthony tells her daughter she wouldn’t be in jail “if you had told them the truth.””

I just can’t believe its been this long, and we still don’t know where this poor baby girl is.  I hope we get some good news soon.


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