Caylee Anthony – Missing Girl

July 24, 2008 at 9:09 am 2 comments

Have any of you been following this crazy story regarding two year old Caylee Anthony from Florida?  She was missing for over 5 WEEKS before anyone reported her disappearance to police! 

She was last seen on June 9th!  Right now, her mother is being held in jail on a $500,000 bond, on child neglect and other charges.  The bond is so high because the judge fears she may flee once released.  The nutcase Grandmother defends the mom, saying she is forgiven for not reporting the daughter’s disappearance and that they need to release her from jail so that she can help them find the girl.

Grandma and Mom are covering something up.  Big time.   I can’t even believe this story… it makes my heart wrench for this baby girl.  WTF kind of idiot doesn’t report a missing child until a MONTH after the fact?   Unless, of course, she is covering up something pretty major.  And this blog said it best –

 “I have a 21 year old daughter and I’m here to tell you that I would love her regardless of what she did, but I would have beat the information about my grandchild out of her.  I am afraid this little girl is dead, I pray not, but I fear it’s true.”

I mean… this case just gets even more crazy and more upsetting as days go by.  Two different dogs from two different counties both hit on the scent of human decomposition in the back yard of the mom’s residence AND in the trunk of the car.  Investigators ALSO found hair in the truck of the car matching the color and leg nth of that of Caylee’s.  Of course, Grandma has a wonderful explanation for the smell in the car.


She said there was a bag with pizza in the trunk of the car that has sat there in the heat for 15 days.

Suuure.  Keep on trying to cover up for your daughter.  You’re looking quite brilliant in the meantime.

The latest update I’ve found was that someone called in a tip saying that they seen Caylee at the Atlanta airport.  Supposedly, they asked her her name and she gave them the full name, mispronouncing it just like Caylee does. 

I don’t know…  I’m trying to remain positive and I hope to God that they find this girl alive and well, but I’m really skeptical with that whole tip thing…  If she’s with someone (who obviously doesn’t want her whereabouts known) why would they let a complete stranger come up and start talking to her??  You know what I mean?


This story has been on my mind since I found about.  I had to get this all off my chest.  So… another prayer request for this little girl.  If anyone does have any information regarding the whereabouts of Caylee, here is a tip number:


And, here’s a picture of the girl as well:


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Hump day is almost over! Small Update Caylee Anthony Case…

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  • 1. heather  |  July 30, 2008 at 9:29 pm


  • 2. Emily Rust Henning, Minnesota  |  September 2, 2008 at 2:04 am

    My inside feelings tell me that Casey Anthony is guilty of killing her little 3 year old daughter Caylee. I believe her mother knows that she killed Caylee. I believe this was stated in her first 911 call were she said the trunk of the car smelt like there was a dead body in the car. Then there’s the issue about the shovel in the back yard. I believe she stoled that shovel out of the shed ! And took it with her in the car to the wooded area outside of Orlando,were she made the 911 calls. Could little Caylee be buried some where out there? I think her mother Cindy knew for a good couple of weeks about what Casey had done to Caylee. I think her consiounce had got to her about what had happened. So after a month she decides to call 911 and report her daughter not knowing were Caylee is?
    Now that there’s evidence of decompisiton of a dead body in the trunk ! Casey’s mother Cindy says that it was some moldy pizza in there, when at first she stated that it smelt like a dead body in there! She’s a pathological lier just like Casey. Another thing that I wonder is that besides being a pathological lier,could Casey have been using Cyrstal Meth? One of Casey’s friends said that Casey didn’t want to have Caylee. Meth users will hurt their children there’s been alot of talk about others doing that. Casey only wants what she wants and will do what it takes for her to get that . Her lesbian and male friends were much more important to her than her little daughter Caylee. I hope they bust her pretty soon, What kind of mother is she? She only wants what wants she didn’t want little Caylee anymore!


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