Slow day…

July 1, 2008 at 6:07 pm Leave a comment

The internet is disappointing me today!  LoL, I am soooo bored. 

Anyways, this weekend me and Jose made a trip to the Wal-Mart in Council Bluffs.  That’s the most Latino-ized Wal-Mart in the area, and since we were looking for Mexican movies, it made sense to look there! 

We didn’t find the Verduleros nor did we find Los Albaniles.  Jose found a couple of movies, and told me to pick one.  We decided on the DVD with Polo Polo as the star, and I was very pleased!  For $5, you get one DVD with three flicks on it.  We started with movie #2, La Lecheria De Zacarias

Very funny movie!  LoL, it was very crazy and lots of boobies, but I enjoyed it. 

I figure we’ll finish watching the other two movies this week, and then we can make another trip to Wal-Mart on Saturday!  😀  For real… For $5, you can’t go wrong! 

Its just been a really lazy kind of day.

This morning I went to Once Upon a Child in search of some clothing for Isabel. She’s my big girl, wearing size 7 at four years old!  She has hardly anything on her side of the closet, compared to Olivia’s!  Olivia gets all of the hand-me-downs, though, AND I find a lot more 3Ts/4Ts at the thrift stores and yard sales than size 7s. 

I didn’t find anything for her.  And even though I vowed not to buy Olivia any more clothes, I ended up buying her a super cute red/white/blue dress for the 4th of July (complete with red/blue hair bows!) and a striped sun dress from Childrens Place. 

(sigh)  Bored, bored, bored…

Ooo… today, I freecycled something for the first time in YEARS.  The first time I used Freecycle was back when Izzy was a baby and I gave away a stroller and high chair.  Today, a lady came and picked up a trash bag full of clothes the girls don’t fit into or that I didn’t want to pass on to Ollie.  I tossed all the stained/torn items as I was cleaning out their closet yesterday, and bagged up the rest.  All of Izzy’s clothes from fall/winter that I want to save for Izzy I folded up and put them in the top of the closet.

Boring, huh?!  LOL, enough rambling…  😀



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