Grump butt…

June 17, 2008 at 10:58 pm Leave a comment

Jose is being extra crabby… I wonder WTH crawled up his butt and died.  Geez.

But, Mr. Grump has retired for the evening, so I can relax in peace.  Have I ever mentioned how much my computer usage irritates Jose?  I don’t complain about him watching TV all day.  He should be happy I’m not fighting him for the remote! 


I don’t think I mentioned that Saturday night we took the girls to Skate Daze.  We didn’t skate, but we did have a freakin’ blast at the Playdazium.  This play area puts Chuck E Cheese to shame.  I think I read online that it is over 2600 square feet.  It is ginormous!  Ball pits, swings, slides, “rock climbing”, and more.  Our girls loved it!  I had a pretty good time, too.

Such a good time that this morning, we went back!  🙂  I took my girls, my suegra, and the three kids she babysits.  It was even funner with more kids!  I think next week we’re giving the skating thing a try!

After the Skate Daze excitement, I dropped my suegra and her crew off, and then went to my madrina’s house.  Time to clean the pool for Livie’s party on Saturday!  It was a CHORE AND A HALF.  My Lord, my arms are so sore!  We scrubbed and pulled and washed and tugged…  But, we got it clean!!  YAY!  And, I got ahold of the church, and they said there will be no problem scheduling Livie’s presentation Saturday.  Whoo-hoo!!


Oh yeah!  My madrina gave me a whole boat load of jeans that she doesn’t wear anymore!!  I bet all together (dress pants, capris, and denim) there are over 20 pairs!!!  I am stoked.  I love clothes!!  😀

See you tomorrow…!!!  Have an awesome night!


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Pictures, my weekend, and etc. :) Party stuff… It’s already wednesday!

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