Lazy days…

June 6, 2008 at 5:24 pm Leave a comment

As much as it hurts me to say this… (insert big, sad sigh here) my lazy days may soon be coming to an end.

I have a job interview on Monday.  Unless my some miracle I get hired (I really want this job), it won’t be the last.  I’ve been scouring Careerlink and Monster the last few days.  A decent resume will really give my job search the extra little push I need.  I’ve never actually made a resume before, though, so I’m kind of stuck there.  I’m going to see what I come up with this weekend.  😉

It’s not 100% necessary for me to work, but it would sure help ease any financial strain we might face.  I’m a spendy kind of girl.  I need my spending cash! 


Another update to the pool here!  It is offically FULL and the sign with all the rules and hours has been placed upon the gate.  Maybe tomorrow the padlock will come off…?  It would be very nice, its supposed to be ninety derees tomorrow!!

Oh, I almost forgot.  Isabel has sent her first kid to the ER.  I guess what happened was that her and the other kids were throwing rocks down the stairs at my suegra’s house, and Lupe’s little boy got in the way.  I feel really bad.  My suegra said Chavela felt pretty bad, too!  She kept going, “No lo hice aldredes, abuelita!  No quise que le saliera sangre!  De veras!” 

My suegra told me not to worry about it… She said everyone, including the little boy, was playing with the rocks.  It was an accident.

The only reason I even went to my suegra’s in the first place was because she called Jose yesterday whining about why I hadn’t taken her the girls all week.  She knows very damned well why…

Lupe just kind of ignored me while I was there… made some small talk, told me a little about her job search.  When I decided to leave (pretty quickly) Chavela wted to stay, so I left her there.  Me and Jose will go get her once Jose gets home…


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Judge Judy… Holy Crap!

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