The fake SSN

June 4, 2008 at 11:45 am Leave a comment

Jose has had his real (as in his own, issued to him from the social security admin) social security number since February of 2007. Prior to 2007, things weren’t much different for us than they are now.  He had an expired license that he couldn’t renew because the DMV in Nebraska requires you to have a valid SSN, but things were pretty normal.

Fast forward to Memorial Day Weekend 2008.  We tried to buy a newer car.  See, when Jose got sent to Mexico, we let his brothers take over the payments on the Expedition and the Silverado because they was no way I’d be able to keep up on them.  I drove my mom’s car and all was good.

Now, we’re driving a ’93 Jeep Cherokee with 205,000 miles on it.  And no air conditioning.  And no keys.  See, the only key is actually inside the ignition.  We just never lock the doors or anything.  I should get that fixed but I’ve been putting it off…

Anyways, everything was all fine and dandy with the loan being processed, despite our not so perfect credit.

Then, on Wednesday, they tell us no can do, because his social security number is fake.

Umm…  come again??  You’re telling me the social security number that took years of waiting, a deportation, and THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to acquire is not any good??! 

The guy told us it would be as easy as going to the social security office and getting a letter.  (sigh)  So that’s what we’re doing today.  The guy at the dealer was rude, rude, rude so we’re going to a different car dealer. They can keep their overpriced Ford Focus…!

🙂  Love ya!  Bye!


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Whatever… :) Insomnia…

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