Monday blues…

June 2, 2008 at 10:28 pm Leave a comment

About two weeks ago, Jose told his Mom, “Le doy quince dias Ma.  Quince dias para que Lupe las tiene todas enredadas en sus chismes.”  (15 days, Mom, 15 days until Lupe has you all tangled in her gossip)


He was right.  Today I received no less than 15 calls regarding yesterday’s blog.  Nice, huh?  According to her, I’m the liar.  Because I told Karina that Lupe said that…

LoL, I won’t even bore you will the details.  Let’s just say its a bunch of he said she said and there are MANY unhappy people at my suegra’s house right now!  I got the “you should no better than to gossip” lecture from Jose but whatever.  I repeated one thing to Karina…  One thing.  Lupe is making this all into some huge everyone hates Lupe fest.



We got out stimulus check!  Whoo-hoo.  I told Jose that Wal-Mart cashes them for free (he doesn’t trust banks very much; don’t ask) so off we went to Wal-Mart.  He looked at the flat screen TVs, but the only stuff we bought was some groceries and some Color Wonder stuff for the girls. 

Ooo… I did check out the bounce houses, though!  $199 for a VERY nice one!  He said he’ll go get it the week before the party.  And we talked about food.  I think I’ve gotten him talked into the hamburgers and hot dogs.  I really don’t feel like heating up tortillas and serving mole all afternoo, you know what I mean??  Me and Diana talked about this and we saying how we could have mayo, chopped onion, tomatoes, etc. so that people could add to the hot dogs. 

We’ll see…  😀



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This white girl educates you on corridos… Whatever… :)

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