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I’m a candy loving girl.  I definately have a major sweet tooth.  Some of my favorite candies are Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Skittles, and 3 Muskateers Bars.


My favorite candy ever is Pulparindo candy.

I seriously buy this stuff by the box.  I fell in love with it back when Karina was working at the taqueria.  One evening she brought home a bag of suckers and a box of these candies, and I would steal three or four every mornng before I left for work!

When I was in Mexico, I found out that some shipments were recalled due to have traces of lead in the powder that’s on top.  I slowed down for a few days, but quickly went back to buying a couple boxes every few days.  In Mexico, I could get this stuff for 15 pesos!  And it was crazy fresh!

Today, I think I paid $3 (twice as much!) and it is like chewing a garden hose it is so tough.

But it is still so yummy… 🙂 

And its really fun to talk people into trying it, and then watching the repulsed looks on their faces when they taste the spicey/sourness. 



On a completley unrelated notes, the cook started acting civil to me.  I had a quick mental anguish moment, trying to decide if I should continue the feud and hold a grudge, or make life easier and just follow her lead and act normal.  I did, and I’m glad…  A weight has been lifted from my shoulders!

And, I got to work with my friend today for the first time in a week.  I stayed 8 hours today, but being with her made my day go so much smoother.  🙂



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