My Monday…

May 19, 2008 at 11:24 pm Leave a comment

Mondays suck…

I went in the work this morning, and the cook was still being a complete bitch.  I have no idea why it bugs me as much as it does, but (and I feel like a dweeb saying this)  my feelings are so hurt over this whole ordeal that I was in tears for the entire hour that I was there. 

I usually only cry when I want Jose to feel sorry for me, or when I’m really, really angry about something.  But this was different…  (And out comes my inner-dweeb again) I just thought she was my friend.  We’ve gotten along so good the last month. 

I ended up telling my manager I was leaving.  Honestly, I don’t make enough to put up with the cook’s crap.  She isn’t ANY BODY to treat me like shit.  We’ll see how things go on Monday.


After work, I went to K-Mart for some light retail therapy.  I bought some Fabuloso in a spray bottle (I’m getting addicted…), Herbal Essence Shampoo, and an outfit for each of the girls.  It was getting a little late, so I ran to my suegra’s to pick up my kids.  But, my suegra wanted me to take her downtown to the scrap metal place.  She had some copper to sell.  My suegra is getting her Matricula Consular tomorrow, and she needed some $$$ to pay for it.  It wasn’t a bad deal.  For 17 lbs, she got  $54.

Once I got home with the girls, we just kind of lazed around all day.  I cleaned some.  I make dinner.  And, of course, I played on the computer.

Around 5pm, the rent-to-own guys came to pick up our television.  We’ve been renting this TV for a few months now, and Jose is realizing how big of a rip-off the whole rent-to-own concept is.  He called them yesterday and decided to have them come take back the TV.  The lady on the phone tried telling him it was almost paid off.

Um, yeah.  In 19 months!!

We were TV-less all afternoon, but then I ran across a Craigslist posting for a 27 inch TV for $50.  Not an incredible bargain, but not too shabby either.  LoL, it was 9:30pm when I went to pick it up.  The lady probably thought I was a pyscho!  But, it seems to be a very nice TV.  The girls will inherit it when we put another TV.


What a long entry about practically nothing.  😀

Oh, yeah.  While I was at K-Mart, I was behind some dude talking on a cell-phone.  When I heard “topless” I started paying a little more attention.  He was talking some girl into dancing topless for his “guys” at a party.  $200 plus tips.  He asked her several times it she didn’t have any friends, and when he hung up, he goes, “Fuck.  Where am I gonna find another dancer on such short notice?!”

I was thinking the whole time, “…really now?!  Do you really have to have this conversation in the middle of K-Mart?!”  I was half convinced it was some kind of stupid prank.

Anyways…  Adios!!!  Hasta tomorrow!

Thought I’d add a couple pics from this afternoon while I’m here…  Jose is trying to fix the a/c in my Jeep.  Hah… wish him luck!!


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