Drama-y Goodness.

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I promised some in-law drama.  🙂  So, here goes.

*Rigo and La Lupe (as Jose now calls her) are broken up yet again.  Friday night she said she was going to her mom’s to get a good nights sleep, and she ended up going to a dance club.  She got drunk, and started sending Rigo pictures from the dance. 

*The neice that just had the baby is having major problems with her boyfriend.  I mean BAD.  We’ve recently found out he’s hit her a couple times, and this weekend something bad enough happened to make her move back into my suegra’s house.  As of Sunday morning, she was going to come stay with us, but her boyfriend went and took her home.  WTF is wrong with this girl??  She said she needs him because with no kids no other man would ever want to be with her.  That is SO not true!  Ugh… Sometimes I wish I could just smack some sense into these people.  She is such a nice girl!  She doesn’t need to suffer with some abusive dickwad of a boyfriend.

Oh yeah! So then, Saturday night, La Lupe goes to find Karina (neice) to tell her Daniel (neice’s boyfriend) was at the dance with HER Friday night and they danced all night long!!! 

*Jose’s other brother, Omar, was bawling all weekend because him and his live-in girlfriend were breaking up.  She was sick of him working out of town, and told him to make an effort to get transferred here to Omaha or she was leaving.  Everyone was giving this guy a bazillion consejos at once.  He got overwhelmed while we were there and just left.  They did patch things up, though, at least temporarily.

So… my suegra had a very shitty Mother’s Day.  She had all these problems weighing down on her.  There was even drama going on down in Mexico that she was dealing with, too.

I had a very, very shitty Mother’s Day, too.  I’m very bitter about it, and will bring it up to Jose probably a good 5-10 more times before I go to bed!  Grrr…

Here are a few pictures from this weekend!  The first one is Baby Daniel.

These are all of Jose’s brothers.  Left to right it is Rigoberto, Sergio, Omar, my suegra, Baltazar, and Jose. 

And here’s a shot of my girls.

Work was pretty interesting today.  I found out in July they plan on sending me to some college course to get me certified in something.  I’m sure I’ll find out more details later!  🙂  I worked with Crazy-Girl, but it was all good.  I just ignored her.


I have a headache and need to wake up early.  Night Night!!


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What happens in Branson… What am I missing? Oh yeah, my period.

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