What happens in Branson…

May 11, 2008 at 7:20 am 2 comments

I’m back!  I’m back!  I’ve missed my blogging buddies so much the last few days.  Here’s some pictures!  I’m very disappointed that I didn’t get to drive around and take touristy pictures.  The manager that drov us down there was in such a friggin’ hurry to get home that he wouldn’t take the 10 minutes to drive me down the strip to take pics.  Anyways… here are some pictures that I took from my balcony!


Pssst… I work for one of the businsses shown above.  And its not the one that involves ducks in any way.  🙂

And, here are some are a couple of shots from the karaoke bar we went to. 

We were a little trashed… 

After hitting the karaoke bar, our genious manager invited all the employees back to our room to keep partying.  Does it really look like we needed to keep partying!?  And, notice I said he invited them back to OUR room.  Not his room.

To make a rather long story short, I’ll just say the cops were called, lots of managers were involved, and us Omahans will probably not be invited back to Branson for a long time!  🙂  I had a blast Thursday night, though.  I don’t party that often.  In fact, I never party!  I felt so naughty the whole night!  We sure got some good stories to tell, too. 

The classes were… well, classes.  A little too long.  A lot boring.  BUT, I did learn a lot of things and I am now certified to train new servers.  Our resteraunt needed a qualified trainer very badly.  I’m excited with all the new knowledge I have and am willing to spread the love, so to speak.  🙂

M manager told me this morning that they loved me down there (??!  Maybe what happens in Branson stays in Branson!) and they told her I could really go places.


Nice to know!!!

I have a whole crapload of in-law gossip which can wait for tomorrow!!  Bye bye for now!  Wish me luck, tomorrow is going to be frickin’ crazy at work!  Feliz dia de las madres!


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‘Cause I’m leaving, on a jet plane… Drama-y Goodness.

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  • 1. Lisa  |  May 11, 2008 at 11:18 pm

    Feliz dia de las madres back at ya. I know with all the excitement and fun, you’re still glad to be back at home. And lemme take a wild guess … you work for Denny’s! (I’m right, right?)

    I love Karoake and NEVER get to go out. I did drag the Mexican out a couple of weeks ago to a small ‘hole in the wall’ place one of his brothers wanted to go to, but I didn’t have much fun. Just felt out of my element I guess. I hate those clubs where they have the girls in the short-short skirts that dance for money … $5 per dance. Just feels kinda sleezy. lol

    Well I’m glad you’re back and that you have completed your training. I hope you get a promotion really soon that pays extra $$$$-lots of it!!

    -Lisa 🙂

  • 2. lizzi33  |  May 12, 2008 at 9:37 pm

    I will from now on stick to strictly Spanish karaoke. LoL, for some reason I feel I’m a better singer in Spanish.

    I’ve been wanting to go out for weeks and Jose is being cheap and stubborn.

    LoL, and yeah, I work at Dennys. How did you even guess? 😉


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