Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat Bar!

May 5, 2008 at 10:50 pm Leave a comment

I’m addicted to checking my blog stats.  I honest to God checked my stats AT LEAST 50 times today.  I was watching each and every hit come and where it was coming from.  I’m a freak.  I’ve even memorized some of the darned things.  My most popular most is my “About Me” page.  My most popular day ever was Thursday, May 1st, with 55 hits.

Amazing, isn’t it??

Today, I decided I really wanted some Coca Cola.  The four cans I chugged this morning weren’t enough.  I threw a pair of shorts on Olivia, got them both in a pair of flip flops, and off we went to the Dollar General.  I happened to check my cell phone on the way there, and it was 7:53!  The place closes at eight!  I panicked.  I was not going home with my Coke!  I scooped up Olivia, and grabbed Chavela’s hand so I could pull her along as I jogged the rest of the way.

We made it just in time!  I was in and out of there before eight.  🙂  We’re that good.

I’ve been watching TV shows on Hulu all evening.  I even put “Ice Age” on for the girls.  That website is pretty amazing!  I’ve watched The Simpsons, Family Guy, and The Office.  No George Lopez Show, though.  Darn…

Last night I talked to Sergio’s wife (Sergio is another one of Jose’s brother) for the first time since I left Mexico.  I told her I’d send them some wedding pictures and some pictures of Karina’s baby.  Gosh, I miss all of Jose’s family in Mexico.  It seems like the more “normal” members of his family are the ones down there still.  Everyone was so nice to me. 

One evening, while we were down there, I got into a HORRIBLE screaming match with my suegra.  I thought the woman was going to smack me.  My brother-in-law Sipriano amazed me by taking MY SIDE, and doing everything he could to calm me down (I’m pretty feisty once you get me riled up).  If that would have happened here, everyone would have automatically taken HER side, just because its their mother.  I’d have been shunned for days!

For the record, even though we have gotten into it many times, I love my suegra.  We’re just two VERY, VERY different people from different cultures.  We’re getting used to each other now, though.  🙂


See you tomorrow!  🙂  Maybe tomorrow will be my most popular day ever!  😉


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Crazy weekend… :) ‘Cause I’m leaving, on a jet plane…

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