How We Met…

April 24, 2008 at 1:33 am 2 comments

Stories are fun to tell, and I don’t really have too many friends to tell stories to, so I’m going to work them into my blog…

When I met Jose back in 2001, the only things I knew about Mexicans was that my aunt didn’t like them and that they spoke Spanish.  Yeah, I know that’s pretty pathetic for a 16 year old, but its the truth.  My best friend was Mexican, but I knew nothnig about her home life and at school she was as Americanized as the rest of us.

One evening, I decided to go over to Diana’s house after my shift at KFC.  It was a Saturday night, and probably around 12am.  As I pulled up to her house, I noticed a small, drunken Mexican staggering his way down the block.  Common sense told me to wait until he was down the street to get out of my car, but I got tired of waiting and headed up her driveway.

Halfway to the door, I realized he was following me up the driveway.  I started walking faster, eventually jogging to the door.  I pounded frantically, hoping Diana would open up before he could get his hands on me.

 To my surprise, when Diana opened the door, this guy walked right on in behind me.  Turns out, he lived on their front porch! 

To make a long story short, we started dating.  Things were kind of hard at first, since he spoke no English and I spoke no Spanish.  I started picking up Spanish crazy fast, though.  Especially after his brother moved in with us, it seemed like I was around someone that spoke Spanish all the time. 

After we had been dating for a while, he told me he was undocumented.  I had never heard such a thing.  I thought he was lying. 

I wish…

Almost seven years later, Jose just finally became a legal US permanent resident last spring.  It was a long, expensive, and hard battle.  But we’ve made it this far…  The next step is citizenship.

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Ladies night… No work today…

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  • 1. Jennifer  |  April 24, 2008 at 3:43 am


    Can I tell you that I love KFC. Well I have a love hate relationship with KFC, LOL. I have worked off and on with KFC since 1994, From everythign as a cashier, to cook, to prep, to delivery driver, to supervisor and assistant manager. Right now where I am working? KFC. It is the only job that I have had (and believe me, I have had TONS) that I love. The only one that I look forward to getting up and going to. And then look forward to getting off and going home to bitch about, LOL.

    I love to read about how people met there boyfriends/husbands. It is neat to see all the different ways and places people find their other half.

  • 2. Lisa  |  April 24, 2008 at 11:53 pm

    I met my husband because my friend didn’t wanna date him!

    My friend had spoken to him on the phone and arranged to meet him at a nearby store; I gave her a ride to the store. Oooooooops.

    Once at the store we sit and wait for him. He finally pulls up driving a blue buick and instead of going to the passenger side of the car, he approaches me!

    I’m like, uh, you need to talk to her-not me. And here we are seven years later, married with children. My poor friend actually died this morning and I’ve spent the day going over all the memories. It’s really been a sad day and if it wasn’t for her; I would never have met my husband.

    Life is short.

    -Lisa 🙂


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