Addiction is a bad thing…

April 21, 2008 at 5:28 am Leave a comment

Jose is going to be freakin’ stoked when he finds out I have yet another internet addiction to add to the list. As if Myspace and Babycenter weren’t enough! I seriously never knew blogging could be so addicting!

This afternoon wasn’t very eventful. Oh, yeah! At the park I played a little trick on the girls. Its making me giggle just thinking about it. We always struggle when its time to go home. Always. We threaten to leave. We threaten that the Cucuy is going to come. We threaten to leave again. Usually, we only leave once both of us have grabbed a crying child and have shoved them into the car.

Today, same scenerio. They didn’t want to leave. So, I told them I was leaving. Naturally, they ignored me. Jose managed to sneak up right behind where they were playing in the sand. He was probably five feet away. I hopped into the truck. “Bye girls!” I then turned the truck on and pulled out of the parking place.

The next few seconds were chaos. The younger of the girls stood up, and started yelling for her Mama. The oldest, panic stricken, threw down the cups and sticks she was playing with and started sprinting towards me. Jose then popped out from behind the slide and surprised the heck out of them.

Okay, okay. I know that was really mean. I feel kind of bad writing about it.

But it was still funny.

And I promise we don’t do this to them often.


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Back to waitressing… What a family…

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